Zubeida – one year later – ein Jahr später

The other day I met Zubeida again. Her son is now one year old. She‘s living now with her husbands family in a beautiful area in Ukunda.
We spent the whole day together. With her aunt and her grandma she prepared a delicious lunch. After we went to the nearby river. It‘s a very quiet place far from the dusty roads of Ukunda city. Sitting under the huge Mango tree and a cool breeze is flattering you makes you wish to stay longer.

Neulich traf ich Zubeida mit ihrem inzwischen einjährigen Sohn wieder. Sie lebt mit der Familie ihres Ehemannes in einer malerischen Gegend in Ukunda.

Mit ihrer Tante und ihrer Oma bereitete sie uns ein leckeres Mittagessen zu. Danach machten wir einen kleinen Ausflug zum nahe gelegenen Fluss. Es ist ein sehr ruhiger Ort weit weg von den staubigen Straßen der Stadt Ukunda. Unter dem riesigen Mangobaum sitzend und umschmeichelt von einer kühlen Brise, wächst der Wunsch,  länger dort verweilen zu können.

Kenianischer Alltag – Kenyan daily life

Mein Tag startet nun um 4:45, wenn der Muezzin zum Gebet ruft.

My day starts at 4:45 when the muezzin calls for prayer.

AthumanHome (24 von 29)

Seit drei Tagen lebe ich mit Athuman und seiner Familie unter einem Dach. Das Zimmer bekam extra einen neuen Anstrich und Fußbodenbelag. Danke Athuman 🙂
Mein Wunsch war es, eine Zeit lang relativ unbeachtet inmitten von Kenianern zu leben. Schon am dritten Tag fällt mir auf, dass ich von den Nachbarn nicht mehr angestarrt werde und mir kaum mehr Beachtung geschenkt wird als nötig.

Since three days I live with Athuman and his family in their house. The room got a new painting and flooring. Thanks Athuman 🙂
I wanted to live relatively unnoticed among Kenyans for a while. Already on the third day it strikes me that I am no longer stared at by the neighbors and I hardly get any more extraordinary attention. 😉

Emily lebt mit ihrer Enkelin im Zimmer neben mir.

Emily lives with her granddaughter in the room next to me.

Athumans Sohn Hassan auf dem Weg zum Bad.

Athumans son Hassan on the way to the bathroom.

Teresa und Athuman bereiten das Frühstück zu.

Teresa and Athuman are preparing breakfast.


Breakfast time

Sarah, Hassan and Emilys granddaughter Angel

Heute war Waschtag und es wurden allerlei Dinge aussortiert.

Today was laundry and clear out day.

Endlich fertig, Zeit zum Spielen. Hier ein Nachbarsjunge und Teresa mit Sara.

Finished, time for playing and relaxing. Here you see a neighbors boy and Teresa with Sara.


This time for Africa


One morning I set out with the idea to take photographs of objects with structure and strong colors. But things most often turn out differently to what you think.
I’ve been on Ukunda’s main road for a while without finding anything to inspire me. So I decided to go on an adventure down small dirt roads.
After a short while already a flock of barefooted children followed me, calling Jambo (=Hello) and demanding sweets or money.
One of the boys, their leader as it seemed, whispered in my ear how he wishes for a ball.
I liked this idea and to my question whether all others would be able to play too, he answered that they had a Football team but no ball anymore.
So we set out to buy a ball and the whole team followed right behind me.
After, the very happy children lead me to their Football field. An uneven playing field amidst clay huts, two poles and a string between them as goal. They also asked for a name for their Football team, seeing as the lion is the most famous and strong animal around and their village is Kibundani, a district of Ukanda with a country feel, I decided on Kibundani Lions, or in Suahili:
Kibundani Simba
Happiness can be this simple.



May I introduce you to beautiful Leilani. She is 12 years old and was born with a genetic defect called cri-du-chat-syndrome. It is a rare genetic disorder due to a missing part (deletion) of chromosome 5. Its name is a French term (cat-cry or call of the cat) referring to the characteristic cat-like cry of affected children. I know her already for 5 years and she really touches my heart with her uncompromising way to show her feelings. She is pure and innocent. She is blessed with a loving family who always stand by her side.

the human predicament of loneliness

YunanOn my way back to the accommodation I passed a noisy group of young men. They were celebrating with lots of food and alcohol. I didn’t dare to take a picture as one of them followed me and wanted me to join their group. After I convinced him with my humble chinese I really have to go back and look for my friends (but thank you 🙂 ) I passed by this man who was sitting alone drinking and eating. First he was looking very skeptically at me and I started to speed up. But after a blink of an eye he opened up and I no longer felt him to be dangerous. Later in my room I still thought of him and why he was sitting alone among all these celebrating people.


the generation responsibility


What strikes me again and again here in China is that the elderly care very touching for their grandchildren.
The downside of this is that many children have to grow up without their parents who work as migrant workers somewhere unreachable far away. What it will have for consequences shows only within a couple of years when the children have grown-up and have children themselves.