About me

Hi, I am Martina Ibs, passionated Portrait and Travel Photographer based in Shanghai.

I was born in Germany and now I live for some time in Shanghai with my husband.

As a teenager I got my first Agfamatic pocket camera. Since then I was in love with photography though no one encouraged me because it was a very expensive hobby.

Some years later in 1993, during my study, for the first time I went to a very exotic country, India. I lived in Chennai (Madras) for half a year to make some kind of practical training for my academic study.
My father borrowed me his SLR, a Canon AE1, and a friend borrowed me his lens. Armed with 40 slide films I dived into this unforgettable adventure and the seed was planted.
To improve myself these days and to develop my own style I take part in several courses and international workshops of different famous photographers.
If you are interested in my work you can contact me on this side or via email (m.ibs@gmx.net),  to request  permission to use my photographs or to purchase limited edition prints.

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