You can take my special view home – as a cushion.

Ranges go from classic views of Shanghai

Panorama skyline

to playful motifs on fluffy sofa pillows.

buddha detail

 Bags, backpacks and more



Calendars and postcards.


Single and family portraits.

I offer personalized portrait photos with PhotoMyVision. A look behind the facade helps me. I have already photographed people who declared to be unphotogenic and did not want to stand in front of the camera. But then the result has convinced them. To do this, it is sometimes necessary to go unusual ways. For more natural photos I give instructions on where to look or just act a little different. That is because everybody has his or her beautiful sides. The view through the camera is not supposed to show an actor, but the real person. If it should be necessary to meet a customer twice, then I do so. Then I can get to know the other person and adapt to the situation before the actual shooting.

PortraitJeanMoni 2PortraitSandfam 1





And of course you can hang my creations on the wall – in different varieties and qualities, just contact me.


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